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Composite Dental Fillings Tulsa

Do you have a toothache? If you are experiencing pain or extreme sensitivity, you may have a cavity. A cavity is structural tooth damage that is caused by decay. At Utica Dental, Dr. Mike Hinkle remedies cavities with composite fillings in Tulsa.

How Dental Teeth Filling Works
Once plaque and buildup have caused tooth decay and structural damage, the first step in restoring the tooth to a stable shape is removing all decay. Depending on the amount of decay present, this could significantly alter the shape of your tooth. Dr. Hinkle fills cavities with white fillings in Tulsa. White fillings are made from a composite resin material that ensures maximum durability while also looking like a natural tooth.


Filling Application
Dr. Hinkle applies composite dental fillings layer by layer to develop a firm, stable tooth structure. A thin layer of synthetic resin is applied on the tooth and then secured in place with a polymerization hardening light treatment. We apply as many layers as necessary to build the tooth up to its natural size. To complete the filling, Dr. Hinkle shapes and polishes the composite to prevent premature wear and staining. The Tulsa white filling application takes about 30 minutes to complete.


Utica Dental Patient Reviews: 

"Very expediant. Dr. Hinkle and staff provided excellent dental service. Extremely helpful in making my decisions regarding my dental work."  L. Theria -Actual Patient

"Helpful  Thank you for working to get me in for treatment prior to my scheduled appointment for fillings."
M. Mardis -Actual Patient

"Great  5 stars fast,friendly,great staff "-Actual Patient

 "Awsome  very professional and helpful. Staff is helpful and kind"
 M. Green -Actual Patient

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